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The benefits of video interviewing for candidates

Video interviewing works for candidates because it works for organizations. Video interviewing is taking over telephonic interviewing because it provides candidates with a better way of expressing themselves with more authenticity. With a video interview every candidate has the chance to be a star.

A candidate’s moment in the spotlight
Live interviewing allows candidates to express their passion for the job and their enthusiasm for a topic and the industry / organization, something that cannot be done with a telephonic interview. In today’s world, it has been proven by Social media that people want to be heard, as well as seen given the right opportunity and technology. Video interviewing provides candidates with this opportunity.
Cutting-edge recruitment technology
Video Recruit utilizes the power of new technologies to improve the recruitment process and provides all the benefits through an easy and accessible online service.
More promising than telephonic screening
With live video interviewing, candidates get an opportunity to express themselves through their body language as well, which is not possible through telephonic interviews. Interviews can be scheduled at a convenient time that is more suited to busy candidates managing work, family and education commitments.
Apply for positions across countries
Live video interviewing helps to overcome the difficulty of travelling long distances. With video interviewing, it doesn’t matter if you’re in the next room or on the other side of the world. It allows you to be in the same room as your interviewer.
Assess the reactions of the interviewer
Live video interviewing helps the candidates to assess the reactions of the interviewer and formulate their responses accordingly just like a face to face interview which is not possible in a telephonic interviewing.

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